You Smile Dental Care is a welcoming and friendly private dental practice in Market Rasen. The dental surgery is conveniently located on the highstreet, easily spotted by the distinctive red decorating colors of the outer building and gates.

Patients will be greeted and will be able to make themselves comfortable in the waiting room, enjoying free wifi, during their short waiting time.

Our private dental practice consists of two modern surgeries with state of the art equipment for all fields of modern private dentistry.

Some fine examples are the following:

  • Powerful loupes for enhanced vision (magnification x 5). This is the cornerstone of advanced private dentistry. As Dr Alexakis sais, "Something that can be seen 5 times better will be fixed 5 times better and it will last 5 times longer!"
  • Thermal infusion root canal system, for the most modern and long lasting root fillings.
  • Surgical motor for oral surgery, including difficult wisdom teeth extractions and implants.
  • Fully digital imaging including digital radiographs, intra-oral camera and DSLR extra-oral photography for cosmetic dentistry.
  • Separate specialized decontamination room.
  • 2 modern comfortable dental units-chairs.
  • Fully Computerized dental practice/ records.
  • Zoom! newest whitespeed lamp.

We are looking forward to make your dental treatment as relaxed and comfortable as possible in our modern and secure environment, something that we always achieve thanks to our experienced staff and advanced technology.

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