Denplan Care plan incorporates preventative and emergency care, plus a wide range of restorative dental treatments all included in your personal plan.

Denplan Care takes care of the essential maintenance (6 monthly routine examination and scale/polish) along with other treatments such as essential fillings and extractions, also for any treatments that involve laboratory work such as crowns, dentures and bridges you are only charged the laboratory fee. This plan also gives further discounts off other treatments you may need. All necessary x-rays are included on this plan. The patient must be assessed by the dentist and be classed as orally fit before joining Denplan care. The dentist will explain how they will tailor your plan so it’s just right for you.

What are the Denplan Care key features?

  • Budget for your dental care with confidence – without worrying about unexpected bills
  • Enjoy better oral health and a healthier smile
  • Get cover for routine preventative care and a wide range of restorative treatments
  • Receive worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover automatically
  • Access or 24 hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline (UK call centre) whenever you need to speak to someone

How does Denplan Care work?

The amount you pay for Denplan Care is decided by your dentist. It is based on your oral health and how much dental care and treatment you will need in a year. After an initial assessment (which will be free of charge) if you are found to be 100% orally fit you will be put into one of the five categories depending on your oral health, which will determine your monthly payment. If you are not found to be orally fit, you cannot then join the plan immediately but you will however be advised as to what work will need doing and be given a treatment plan to show this. You may then go ahead with the treatments needed and pay our private patient price as you have the work done. After successful completion of the required treatment you may join the Care plan in the relevant category as advised by Alex. All treatment will be at the discretion of your dentist.

Denplan Care is a great way to get excellent dental care whenever you need it, while spreading the cost.

How much do I pay for my Care plan each month?

Denplan Care (A, B, C, D, E)

(a one off £15 registration fee will be charged by Denplan to set up all plans)

Private/Denplan Fee Guide 2022
Treatment Description Private Denplan Care
Routine Examination £60 Included
Scale & Polish £60 Included
Deep Root Scale £70 Session (usually 2-4 sessions) Included on Plan D & F
X-rays £20 Included
Extraction From £60 Included
Root Canal Treatment From £400 £50
Composite Filling From £60 Included
Crown From £600 Lab Costs + £50 Handling Fee
Bridge From £600 (per unit) Lab Costs + £50 Handling Fee
Veneer From £700 each Lab Costs + £50 Handling Fee
Acrylic Denture From £600 (per arch) Lab Costs + £50 Handling Fee
Metal Frame Denture From £880 (per arch) Lab Costs + £50 Handling Fee
Valplast Denture From £880 (per arch) Lab Costs + £50 Handling Fee
Full Set of Acrylic Dentures £1400 Lab Costs + £50 Handling Fee
Emergency Pain Relief £120 Included
Out of Hours Charge From £200 extra Included
Private fees are for guidance only – a fully costed treatment plan will be provided for you
Denplan Care Fees 2020
Monthly £17.75 £24.75 £28.75 £32.75 £39.75
Weekly £4.13 £5.76 £6.69 £7.62 £9.24
Daily £0.59 £0.83 £0.96 £1.09 £1.03

What do I get if I join Denplan Care?

All category’s includes the following treatments:

  • 2x Exam per year (worth £90), 2x Scale and Polish per year (worth £100)
  • Plan C and D will also include Deep Root Scales (usually £70 per session) on average 2 to 4 treatments a year
  • All x-rays. Extractions. Composite fillings.
  • Root canal treatment will only be charged at £50 (usually from £230 upwards)
  • All treatments that involve work at a dental laboratory, eg: Crowns. Dentures. Veneers. Bridges. You will only be charged the cost of the laboratory work itself, plus a handling fee of £50


  • Necessary x-rays - Emergency out of hours treatment to relieve you of pain free of charge
  • Half price prescriptions

Implant Cover can be added to the care plan in the same way as the Essentials plan for £2.25 per person per month

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