What do I get if I join Denplan Essentials?

Denplan Essentials plan for Adults

Denplan Essentials plan covers you for your 6 monthly routine examination and scale/polish along with discounts off other treatments you may need. All necessary x-rays are included on this plan.

  • 10% OFF IF LAB WORK IS NEEDED (eg. Crowns/Dentures/Bridges/Veneers).
  • Necessary x-rays - Emergency out of hours treatment to relieve you of pain free of charge.
  • Half price prescriptions.

How much do I pay for my dental plan per month?

Denplan Essentials (A, B, C, D, E)

(a one off £15 registration fee will be charged by Denplan to set up all plans)

Private/Denplan Fee Guide 2018
Treatment Description Private Denplan Essentials
Routine Examination £45 Included
Scale & Polish £50 Included
Deep Root Scale £70 Session (usually 2-4 sessions) Included on Plan D
X-rays £10 Included
Extraction From £50 15% Discount
Root Canal Treatment From £230 15% Discount
Composite Filling From £50 15% Discount
Crown From £500 10% Discount
Bridge From £400 (per unit) 10% Discount
Veneer From £500 per unit 10% Discount
Acrylic Denture From £500 (per arch) 10% Discount
Metal Frame Denture From £750 (per arch) 10% Discount
Valplast Denture From £750 (per arch) 10% Discount
Full Set of Acrylic Dentures £1000 10% Discount
Emergency Pain Relief £70 Included
Out of Hours Charge From £80 extra Included
Private fees are for guidance only – a fully costed treatment plan will be provided for you
Denplan Essentials Fees 2019
A B C D E (limited teeth)
Monthly £14.55 £17.55 £21.05 £27.55 £11.55
Weekly £3.35 £4.05 £4.85 £6.35 £2.66
Daily £0.48 £0.58 £0.69 £0.91 £0.38
Inclusions 2x Exams
2x Hygiene
2x Exams
3x Hygiene
2x Exams
4x Hygiene
2x Exams
3x Hygiene
2x Deep root scale
2x Exams
2x Hygiene

Denplan Essentials does not cover:

  • Restorative dental treatments including fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges or dentures etc.
  • Laboratory fees and prescriptions.
  • Any treatment excluded by your dentist in your plan, which is then payable by you to the dentist.
  • Treatment carried out by someone other than your registered dentist, except when you need an emergency temporary treatment.
  • Orthodontics, implants, cosmetic treatment.
  • Sedation fees.

Implant upgrade cover:

You can add implant cover to your dental injury emergency insurance. It means that in the event of a dental injury which results in a tooth loss you can, where clinically appropriate, benefit from the most up to date treatments for tooth replacement. The maximum cover is £20.000 per incident. If you choose Implant Upgrade Cover it will not be subject to any discounts. The Implant Cover will be charged at £2.25 per person per month.

To find out more about upgrading an existing plan to give you implant cover please call Denplan on 0800 401402 or visit www.denplan.co.uk/implantupgrade

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