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Straight teeth without extractions with Fastbraces® in half the time and cost!

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Fastbraces® Technology is a true revolution in orthodontics because it provides an easy braces treatment that achieves great results very fast, safely and in a predictable and affordable way.

Revolutionary architecture

The orthodontic treatment with Fastbraces® allows you to gain not only straight teeth but also a wide smile, as the treatment does not require any extractions of your healthy teeth to make space. This can be achieved thanks to the revolutionary architecture of the Fastbraces® system (triangular brackets and just one soft square wire) that give subtle signals to the alveolar arch to remodel and grow adequate size and width. The fact that we can achieve a full and straight smile without any extractions makes the Fastbraces® minimal invasion treatment an excellent replacement for old style orthodontics (square brackets and multiple hard round wires) that require usually 2-4 extractions and years of treatment.

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We offer free consulatation (including panoramic x-ray on-site) for all our members in our Facebook and we invite you to You Smile Dental Care & Fastbraces® to learn more about how you could gain the smile of your dreams after just a few months easy, without extractions, in just a few months to a year, spending half compared to old-styled braces.

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