A dedicated professional orthodontic referral service for the East Midlands for treatment with the Fastbraces® technology.

If you have previously referred to us a patient, for teeth straightening with Fastbraces®, we would like to thank you for your continued support!

If you are a dentist referring to us for the first time, we would like to welcome you at You Smile Dental Care & Fastbraces®. We hope that you will find our on-line referral system helpful and easy to use.

When referring a patient for treatment with the Fastbraces® technology, we would please ask that you:

  • Include full details of your patient, including a contact telephone number.
  • Include your name as the referring dentist.
  • Encourage your patient to maintain excellent oral health throughout their treatment.
  • Maintain regular dental and hygiene examinations with your patient.
  • Please do not carry out any prior extractions, as they are most of the times an unnecessary and terrible loss for the patient.
  • Contact us straight away if you have any queries or concerns.

Referring dentist details

Patient details

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