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Fastbraces® Technology is fast, safe, easy and affordable

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Fastbraces® Technology is a fast, safe, easy and affordable orthodontic treatment revolutionizing the field of orthodontics! It allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final positions from the beginning of treatment by torqueing them from the very first appointment. Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity and in just a few weeks. It has been developed and tested over the past 25 years and is now becoming available in countries around the world.

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Why choose Fastbraces® over old style traditional orthodontics?

1. Faster Mechanics

In a nutshell, traditional orthodontists would move teeth into position in two stages, usually over a period of about 2 years. In the first year, the crown of the tooth is moved into alignment. In the second year, treatment addresses the position of the root of the tooth. The brackets used with Fastbraces® work on a whole different mechanical principle all together.

The patented system uses an innovative bracket and a specially-shaped wire to correct the position of the root of the tooth from the beginning of the treatment. This combination is key in realigning the root and crown simultaneously, typically in HALF THE TIME from old style orthodontists.

2. No Extractions

A massive benefit of Fastbraces® Technology is that orthodontic treatment does Not require Any teeth extractions! This is almost always a fact, even in situations seeking cure for severely crowded teeth!

It is important to know that every time we lose a single tooth the extraction is Never without a toll, often detrimental for the future of our oral health, especially for youngsters and children losing strong teeth for NO Reason!

Here is a list of the side effects following an extraction at any age:

  1. Bone Loss. A few cubic millimeters of the surrounding jaw-bone that each tooth used to nest in, disappear forever. This results in jaw shrinking and a more narrow dental arch and a less wide smile and if more teeth are removed this alters facial features.
  2. Stability Loss. The undesired gap left after the extraction may result in unwelcome drifting of the neighboring teeth in positions that seriously compromise the periodontal health (causes of localized chronic gum disease and gum-pockets) and also the functional ability and cosmetic appearance of the patient. Also food trapping areas maybe created, which are difficult to clean and may result in decay around the neighboring teeth. This phenomenon can prove really disastrous as the years go by, especially when the teeth that were extracted unnecessarily where the canines, the most important teeth in bite guidance, bordering cutting teeth from chewing and keeping the correct smile-face midline position.

3. Lower cost

In these difficult financial times, this revolutionary technology in orthodontic dentistry will allow people with a lower income to achieve the smile they could not afford for years. It will also allow most families to treat their children with fast and affordable braces without having to remove their teeth unnecessarily or wait for ages for ‘the next’ appointment!

Because Fastbraces® means Half the Time, but also Half the Cost.

If you are looking for getting straight teeth with affordable orthodontics in Lincoln, Louth, Market Rasen, Gainsborough, Horncastle and surrounding Lincolnshire areas come and take advantage of our amazing offers in teeth straightening, and gain as much as 50% off on selected Fastbraces® treatments!

4. Statistically Reduced Pain

As the main wire used during treatment with the Fastbraces® is only one and much softer than hard wires typically used by the orthodontists (typically pain issues reported), the result is minimal discomfort during teeth straightening teeth with the Fastbrcaces®. This is proved by official clinical research statistics.

5. Simpler treatment

In the same spirit as described above, traditional orthodontic treatment usually requires multiple visits and complex treatment, while with Fastbraces® technology orthodontic treatment is much more simple for the patient and the journey to straight teeth very smooth.

6. Minimal exposure to Radiation

With the Fastbraces® technology the patient can avoid exposure to unnecessary radiation in the head area as there is no need for the Cephalometric radiograph which is often needed with conventional orthodontics. Sometimes even the Panoramic radiograph (large OPT) can be avoided and only very small intraoral x-rays can be sufficient.

7. Referral to Orthodontist Specialist

Orthodontic dentistry with the Fastbraces® technology minimizes the need for getting the patient referred to an Orthodontist specialist, that would typically require much higher fees and possibly more travel time for access. It is very important to check that the treating dentist is qualified to use the Fatbraces technology and is an official provider of the original product. This can be checked at the original Fastbraces® website, at www.fastbraces.com.

In our dental practice, You Smile Dental Care, in Market Rasen, the owner and principal dentist Dr Defkalion Alexakis is a registered affiliate of the Fastbraces® program and has attended multiple courses in the subject, including Advanced Level use of Fastbraces® Orhtodontics.

All the Certificates in Fastbraces® technology, including those of our trained dental nurses, are displayed in our Meet the Team section, and in the practice.

8. Statistically less Root Resorption

Teeth straightening with the Fastbraces® Technology proves to be safer as the wire used is much softer on the teeth, and so clinical statistics show no significant occurrence of the root resorption side effect that maybe seen in conventional orthodontics (disappearance of the root of the teeth!)

9. No TMJ issues known

With the Fastbraces® technology there have been no known problems with the Jaws joint to the skull (TMJ). With conventional orthodontics TMJ issues have been reported.

10. Minimal use of retainers is needed after treatment.

After achieving your desired smile and having straight teeth, the amount of time you need to wear your retainers every day, if you had treatment with the Fastbraces®, is just 20 minutes. Other orthodontic systems need typically 24/7 retainers.

11. Lifetime Commitment by a Worldwide network of participating providers.

For any patient that has been treated with Fastbraces®, regardless of where in the world the treatment took place, Fastbraces® provides a guarantee to help the patient find another Fastbraces provider, in the event that the patient relocates during or after treatment with the Fastbraces®.

This can be very usefull in case you need to move area unexpectedly during your treatment. Just contact Fastbraces® at www.fastbraces.com and you will be guided to find the most suitable Fastbraces® affiliate provider in your new area.

Additionally and most importantly, if you had your teeth straightened and in the future you suffer a relapse due to not wearing your retainers (which should be avoided), you can have your teeth re-treated with Fastbraces® for a reduced cost wherever you are. (The cost is reduced according to the current prices of the dental practice that you attend for your re-treatment, it does not relate to how much you paid when and where you had your teeth straightened in the first place).

There is typically no guarantee or worldwide network for treatment by conventional orthodontists.

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Are you ready for your fast journey to the smile you always wanted?

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and talk to our experienced desk or ask to speak to the Fastbraces® affiliate dentist dr Dr Alexakis. Also you are more than welcome to visit us (free consultation) and meet our qualified and experienced Fastbraces® team, and learn all about how this new orthodontics system could benefit you.

The You Smile Dental Care team is always there for you with orthodontics advice and orthodontic treatment options ready for you, in our dental practice in Market Rasen near Lincoln and Louth. Ready to provide you with the fastest orthodontic treatment and straighten your teeth at ‘no time’, so you can smile with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly can I get them off?

While there are no miracle shortcuts in orthodontics, Fastbraces® Technology is different by design, which allows for treatment time to be measured in weeks, not years.

As a result comprehensive orthodontic treatment can be concluded in about 20 weeks for most cases!

But everybody is different, and for many the problem is more complex and would need between 9-12 months.

In all cases the time is half from what conventional, old style orthodontics would achieve, so even if it takes one year for your treatment, you would have needed minimum 2 plus years if you had gone for conventional braces or invisible aligners.

People that had to spend all their teenage years with braces know this for well as having braces for 4 to 6 years cannot be forgotten.

Before commencing your orthodontic treatment in our Fastbraces® practice in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, you will be given an accurate estimate of how many weeks it would take for getting straight teeth in your particular case.

2. Does it not hurt as the teeth are moving fast?

University research has shown that Fastbraces® Technology has low mean frictional forces, a clear-cut reduction in sliding friction and pain reduction with fitting front and back teeth together. Thousands of patients testimonials, especially by those that had old style braces before, are there to verify that there is minimal discomfort with Fastbraces compared to other systems, usually only for the first couple of weeks.

Following the instructions of your orthodontics dentist to start by putting on only the 4 upper incisors will massively reduce discomfort. At our orthodontics practice we offer to every patient a free protective silicone box (superior to orthodontic wax), given on your first appointment to help you through the short adaptation period of having them on.

3. What is the design secret that makes Fastbraces® so much faster than old style, conventional orthodontics and invisible aligners?

The Fastbraces® Technology brackets have an elevated slot and a unique elbow design. The shape of the bracket is critical because it literally changes the force-flexibility equation. The square shape of conventional brackets defines the distance between the brackets and that distance determines the flexibility of the wire. The triangular shape of the Fastbraces patented bracket increases the distance between the individual brackets, which increases the flexibility of the wire. Additionally, the brackets help deliver torqueing and tipping forces to the root of the tooth from the beginning of the treatment. Also the wire is square and very soft to the teeth, not round and hard. These fundamental differences allow the movement of some teeth to be completed in just a matter of weeks.

In a nutshell, the unique speed for results in the Fastbraces® system lies on design intelligence and not on wire force, thus reducing not only time but also discomfort and root damage often caused by orthodontics.

4. Why should I choose Fastbraces and not Invisble aligners?

- Cosmetics: Fastbraces come also in clear, state-of –the-art braces and tooth-like coated wire that are very aestheticly pleasing. With Fastbraces-Clear there is no need to suffer the serious disadvantages of having invisible aligners in order to gain esthetics.

- Teeth damage: Invisible aligners need in most cases the edges of the teeth to be trimmed off by the orthodontist specialist (side enamel removal) so much that you may end up with narrow teeth. Regretablly, patients are often not told enough about this irreversible procedure from the beginning.

With Fastbraces technology the orthodontics practitioner is able to perform only minimal side reduction (0.5 micros max), which is invisible to the human eye. At our Fastbraces dental practice near Lincoln, Dr D. Alexakis always works under high magnification to avoid any unnecessary enamel reduction so that your teeth will look the same width in the end your orthodontic treatment.

- Time: Invisible aligners would typically need double the time compared to Fastbraces for the same result.

- Cost: Invisible aligners would typically cost you double than Fastbraces. The phrase ‘’Half the Time, half the cost’’ applies here as well.

- End result: Not all invisible aligners can give you the full results that Fastbraces can, meaning All the Teeth AND their roots endind up in the proper place for an occlusion that is not only great aesthetically but also functionally.

- Compliance: Last but not least (for me personally this is the worst disadvantage by far!), getting straight teeth with invisible aligners relies more on You, wearing your invisible aligner for almost 27 hours, day after day, week after week, month after months and in some cases to more than 2 years!

Do you realize how many applications you are responsible for? Have you thought how many trays you need to pile and use meticulously?

Do you think that your enthusiasm and motivation will be the same after lets say 250 applications? After being tired from work or rushing the kids to school in the morning?

The list goes on and on and unfortunately so does the list of people that paid thousands and did not get straight teeth, just because they got fed up and tired of having to keep changing mad numbers of trays.

In our orthodontics practice we believe that getting straight teeth is the work of the dentist, not of the patient!

Join us to this hassle free journey towards your new, straight teeth at You Smile dental practice near Lincoln and Louth.

5. I undersrtand all the above but I still want invisible aligners. Do you do them at You Smile?

Yes, for the patient that this is the only way to go and after signing informed consent that includes the comprehensive reading of the above comparison, we perform teeth straightening with Invisible aligners and Innman aligners as best suitable for the patient. We use cost effective aligners that can provide the same results with well known brand names but for a much better price! We also offer Free teeth whitening (home day white kit) with all our whole mouth invisible aligners.

6. How often do I need to visit you at the dental practice for my Fastbraces treatment?

It is sufficient to visit us once per month for your ortho treatment as the braces remain active for many weeks. However if you want to make the best time out of your Fastbraces treatment we recommend a visit every 3 weeks. Occasionally more weeks maybe needed in between appointments or you may have to have an extra appointment just a few days after, but this the rare exemption and typically we see 90% of all our patients every 3 weeks.

7. What will the sequence of treatment be?

- First visit: The patient may receive some braces in the front of the mouth to maximize comfort. The rest of the braces are typically given in the second and third visit.

- Third / Fourt and remaining visits: Adjustment of the braces is done by changing the elastic ties around braces at every visit. Other actions that may be taking place for some patients (according to the strategic planning of the dentist): Minimal interproximal reduction of teeth/ applications of power elastic chains and loops/ teeth lacing with discreet ligament wires/ nighttime elastics to be worn by patients with open bites/ repositioning some brackets that brake off or selectively to finalize treatment/ removal of brackets and impressions – laboratory visit and invisible retainers.

8. What are the elastic ties for around the braces, and what happens if one of them comes off?

They are called "o-rings" or "v-ties" accordingly and they are used to hold the wire in place. If one of them comes off, the patient should wait until the next appointment and it will be replaced unless the doctor requires an immediate visit to the office.

9. What is tooth recontouring or Interproximal reduction?

Recontouring teeth or IPR (interproximal reduction) or slenderizing, is the process of making some of the teeth ever so slightly narrower. It is used to reduce overjet and teeth arches that are too large in proportion to the opposite arch, or to acquire more space for crowded teeth and avoid extractions, or to make teeth more attractive. In all cases the IPR needed with the Fastbraces technology is minimal compared to other orthodontic systems and the end result shows almost no difference at all to the human eye.

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Fastbraces® Special Offer

Half the time! Half the price!

- Straight teeth guaranteed for life in just a few months!
- No extractions, minimal discomfort, state of the art aesthetics!

Fastbraces® Moderate (M)

Metal/Metal£2250 £2750

Fastbraces® Standard (S)

Turbo/Turbo£3000 £4750

Clear/Turbo£2850 £4250

Clear/Metal£2350 £3250

Metal/Metal£2000 £2750

Single Clear or Metal£1750 £2250

Fastbraces® Light (L)

Turbo/Turbo£2500 £4750

Clear/Turbo£2700 £4250

Clear/Clear£2700 £4250

Clear/Metal£2000 £3250

Metal/Metal£1900 £2750

Single Clear or Metal£1450 £2250

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