Orthodontic Treatments

Fastbraces® Technology is fast, safe, easy and affordable

Fastbraces® Special Offer

Half the time! Half the price!

- Straight teeth guaranteed for life in just a few months!
- No extractions, minimal discomfort, state of the art aesthetics!

Fastbraces® Moderate (M)

Metal/Metal£2250 £2750

Fastbraces® Standard (S)

Turbo/Turbo£3000 £4750

Clear/Turbo£2850 £4250

Clear/Metal£2350 £3250

Metal/Metal£2000 £2750

Single Clear or Metal£1750 £2250

Fastbraces® Light (L)

Turbo/Turbo£2500 £4750

Clear/Turbo£2700 £4250

Clear/Clear£2700 £4250

Clear/Metal£2000 £3250

Metal/Metal£1900 £2750

Single Clear or Metal£1450 £2250

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