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You Smile Dental Care in Market Rasen operates like a dental emergency surgery 24/7 for registered patients of our dental practice, in conjunction with other private dentists that operate locally.

Description: Emergency treatment is for diagnostics and suitable pain-relief treatment, re-cement crown, temporary filling, extraction, on-site antibiotics or other temporary treatment accordingly.

If you are with a private dental plan (other than Denplan) with a different dental practice you will be asked to pay the full price of £200, further claims can be brought forward to your plan provider and are subject to your cover-contract with them.

I am not your registered patient and I suffer now (out of hours) from a dental emergency, what do I do?

If you are not registered with us we cannot see you tonight. However if you think it could wait until first thing tomorrow morning, it worth calling us now and leave us with a brief message about your situation and name and number and we will do our best to possibly see you first thing in the morning. If you leave a message somebody will contact you within one hour to update you.

If you do not think that this can wait we advise you to contact the NHS ambulance service helpline.

What is considered a genuine dental emergency?

All the following are considered genuine dental emergencies:

Dental Trauma: This a dental injury caused usually by an accident.

Typical dental traumas are the following:

  • Brocken tooth/teeth
  • Injured lip/soft tissues/tongue
  • Tooth extruded partially or totally

In all the above situations make sure you receive the first aid available to you at that time and then immediately contact the emergency dentist to rake advice on how to proceed.

Dental abscess: If you notice swelling that is rapidly growing or has become painful it is very likely that you will need antibiotics that same day. In most cases, an abscess that requires urgent treatment, would be visible not only inside the mouth but also as face swelling around the infected area (usually up to orange size).

Rarely a dental abscess would continue to grow even after you saw the dentist that day and took your first antibiotic dose, the size exceeding that of an orange and usually spreading lower towards your neck area. Aggressive dental abscesses like this can be life threatening and it is imperative that you immediately call and visit the hospital! Please inform the dentist as well as soon as possible.

Acute Toothache: A very painful tooth causing severe throbbing ache is something that you need to see the dentist that same day. Until you can be seen take a combination of anti-inflammatories and pain killers, always according to your doctor’s advice for what you can tolerate and never exceeding maximum dose allowance.

Lost crown: If you lost a crown (temporary or permanent) and it feels it could be going back or giving you significant discomfort, it is better to contact the emergency dentist to fix it. However in case it is not bothering you so much or you are finding difficulty to access the dentist, you can seek in the chemist the temporary cementation kit, and visit your practice first chance during the following days.

Lost filling: Same as a lost crown, if the tooth hurts after you had some painkillers and cannot wait until next morning, please call the out of hours service and a temporary filling will be placed until you can be booked for permanent one.

Excessive bleeding: If you had an extraction and the bleeding is not stopping please contact the out of hours service. First apply good pressure by biting a gauze. See our section Extractions/common complications/excessive bleeding (link) for details.

What is not considered a genuine dental emergency and it could wait until I can get a normal dental appointment?

All the dental problems that are not described in the previous section (1) are considered non urgent and it is advised that you contact the dental practice in regular working hours to book an appointment. This includes teeth a bit sensitive with eating and drinks that would probably require a filling. At You Smile Dental Care we work hard to keep small/reasonable waiting times to get in for your dental treatment and we always give priority to acute problems, just let us know.

I am a patient registered with You Smile Dental Care. What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

If your dental emergency is during our working hours, please give us a ring and we will offer you an appointment on the same day. If you would need to be seen in the morning hours, please give us a ring as soon as our reception opens at 8.30am (See working hours) = link. If your dental emergency happens later on in the day, we will offer you an afternoon slot or simply extend our day to offer you urgent dental care, as long as it is a genuine dental emergency. At you Smile Dental Care we have long opening hours almost every day of the week, so your dental emergency is certain to be treated on the same day.

If you call outside opening hours you are guaranteed to find help from the dentist who is on call. This is always a private dentist. For the majority of the time it will be our principal Dr D.Alexakis that will respond to you. Our practice is in a rota contract with another 3 private dental practices locally. These are:

  • The Lincoln Smile Centre (Lincoln centre, West Parade). Emergency phone:
  • The Cathedral View (Lincoln, Cathedral area). Emergency phone:
  • The Red Pepper Clinic (Lincoln, Birchwood area). Emergency phone:

When Dr D.Alexakis is not available, our answering machine at the practice number: 01673843290 will guide you regarding which practice emergency line to call that day.

Please listen to the message carefully regarding times of operation, especially during long holidays like Christmas were many practices share the cover.

Then call and leave a voicemail, which would ideally include your name, practice you are registered with and brief description of your problem.

Please rest assured that the on call dentist will get back with you within one hour.

Please Do Not try to call the emergency number of dental practices that are not On call .You would not get any response as their mobiles are inactive.

I am your registered patient, but I am also registered with Denplan with your practice. How is that better from being just a Pay as You Go patient?

All Denplan registered patient have the following benefits compared to non-Denplan patients regarding emergency cover:

  • Their dental emergency is guaranteed by contract to be treated on the same day. That means that in the unlikely event that you do not find help from our rota or capacity, you would be able to ring the Denplan emergency number which is a 24/7 service and they would support you until you find help.
  • Denplan emergency cover has you covered while traveling away in the UK but also abroad as well! Please see in section Dental plans-Denplan (link) for more details.
  • There is no fee for Denplan registered patients for urgent treatment. This treatment includes: a - Out of hours telephone consultation with the dentist, out of hours visit to the practice, out of hours dental assessment of the emergency, temporary filling, pain relief, ease of sharpness, re-cement crown, reposition tooth after accident, antibiotic prescription etc. b - When travelling in the UK you just need to visit any Denplan registered practice and fill/sign a form. Outside the Uk, Denplan helpline will guide you for a dentist. Then you will pay the dentist abroad and claim it back from Denplan with a receipt.
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