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Once a tooth or more are lost, it is time to consult with the dentist about replacing them. There are two ways of replacing missing teeth, by using fixed or removable replacement teeth. Fixed teeth are always the treatment of choice when appropriate and affordable. When it comes to fixed prosthesis, the patient is usually put in a position to choose between dental implants and dental bridges. In this section You Smile Dental Care will provide you with all you need to know before making this choice, a decision you should only take after a detailed consultation with an experienced restorative dentist. Our dental practice in Market Rasen offers a free bridge or implant consultation.

What is a dental bridge? How is it fixed on my teeth?

The typical dental bridge is a series of connected crowns that are used to replace missing teeth. In its most common form the dental bridge consists of 3 crowns. Two of them act as supporting columns (abutments) and are placed as caps on the adjacent teeth positioned at each side of the missing tooth gap. The 3rd one (pontic) is the interconnection between them and it is the replacement tooth that bridges over the gap. A dental bridge can be longer than 3 teeth long to replace more missing teeth, however it is not recommended so much for gaps longer than 4 missing teeth, as this would put a lot of load on the 2 supporting teeth each side. A dental bridge could also have only one supporting tooth and just one tooth hanging from it to fill the gap. This type of “half-bridge” is called a cantilever bridge and could benefit a patient if appropriately chosen. In all the cases above the dentist will have to prepare the adjacent teeth or tooth involved and reduce its size to fit the bridge on top. There is a 3rd type of dental bridges which is called the Maryland bridge. This type of bridge does not require the neighbouring teeth to be drilled small as the replacement tooth is just bonded on their back surface from one or both sides. Maryland bridges are quick and easy, non-invasive procedures but they are not known for their longevity as they are easier to come off and may need re-cementing back from time to time.

What will my dentist do if I am having a fixed dental bridge made?

On the first appointment the dentist will use a local anaesthetic to prepare the supporting teeth as they would be reduced in size similar to when a crown preparation procedure is required. Then impressions will be taken that will be sent away to the dental laboratory to manufacture the bridge. Finally the dentist will cover the prepared teeth with temporary crowns.

It takes between 2 to 3 weeks for the dental laboratory to make and send the bridge back to the dentist. After this period the patient comes for his second appointment to fit the new fixed prosthesis. The temporary crowns are removed and the dental bridge is cemented permanently on the teeth.

Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

At our dental implants centre in Lincolnshire, we offer for our patients, affordable dental implants as a missing teeth replacement solution. In order to allow multiple implants placement and full mouth rehabilitation, we focus on keeping the dental implants cost for the patients placing dental implants, as low as possible, with competitive prices on dental implants that start from £1400 per tooth implant. Additional cost will be added for complex cases that require extra services like Sedation, 3D-Scan, Atraumatic extraction, Bone Grafting, Sinus lift and Special laboratory components like Custom Abutments and Surgical Guides.

A full treatment plan quotation will be offered after the initial free consultation and posted to your home address with analytical pricing that will not change under normal circumstances.

Special price offers on dental implants are available for multiple dental implants placement or extensive restorative or cosmetic dentistry. View our special offers.

For a full price guide on dental implants, please contact our dental clinic in Market Rasen.

What should i choose a dental bridge or a dental implant? Are dental implants better than dental bridges and why?

There is no universal answer to this question. For every patient and every case it will be a decision to take after considering the pros and cons of each procedure.

The benefits of Implants compared to dental bridges:

  • The dental implant is considered the most modern and advanced solution these days.
  • The dental implant leaves the neighbouring teeth intact, with a benefit on their appearance and longevity.

The benefit of dental bridges against implants:

  • The dental bridge is a simple procedure that does not require surgery. Dental implants need surgery, sometimes they even need additional surgical procedures prior to placement, like bone grafting or even a sinus lift. These procedures may cause bruising and require a significant healing time.
  • Dental bridges are easily performed under local anaesthetic. Although dental implants are also typically placed without sedation, the procedure is known to cause greater anxiety to the patient, making greater the need for sedation.
  • The dental bridge is concluded over 2-3 weeks. The dental implant will need approximately 3-4 months to intergrade and have the crown made on top.
  • Not all patients are suitable for implant placement as they have certain criteria of bone quantity and quality and also require a higher level of general health to be fit for the procedure. Bridges are easier and suitable for most patients.
  • Last but not least the implant will typically cost 3 to 4 times more than a bridge!

In our dental practice in Market Rasen we offer a free initial consultation to all patients to help them take the correct decision on weather to have a dental implant or a bridge to replace their missing teeth.

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